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Do We Need to Make Choices?

Ever feel like you’ve got a choice to make but you’re totally dreading it?
Since I’m anal retentive for planning ahead as much as humanly possible, I’ve been questioning lately a lot about where our family will end up once we bring our unconceived children into this world. I’ve been less than 100% happy at work lately. Don’t get me wrong… I totally love the actual work I do. But the office politics are so not my scene. And the working nights and weekends are becoming more frequent, and therefore, more frequently a pain in my ass. Plus, there are some changes on the horizon for the fall and I’m feeling a bit pushed into a corner and taken for granted, while at the same time, taken advantage of. Fingers crossed and prayers said that it doesn’t come to drastic measures.
I’m just starting to worry how this job will affect not only my time, but my sanity and my overall health, once I have babies at home. It’s a field I love and excel in, but it’s also a field that is not very conducive to free, unscheduled, spontaneous time. It already drives Puff crazy sometimes. Can you imagine how crazy it would drive children who want their mother? Yes, I realize this is a burden I shouldn’t need to be shouldering right now. But Puff always tells me that I have to have something to worry myself over. And for the past week or so, this has taken the cake.
We absolutely love living in South Carolina, but I wonder if being near family would be easier during those prime years of having small children at home. Does moving back to The Fort come into play at any point in time? Or do we take the opportunity to ship Puff off to Germany for a 2 year stint with his company? This would afford me 2 years to be at home with small children before they’re school-aged. But can I stand to be in a foreign country at home every day? Talk about a test of my sanity! Although it might lead to some good blogging!
Or do we look at me taking a year or two off work and just staying here, in good ol’ SC, and taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world? Can we afford to do that? Or does our dreaded fear of having to go camping for “vacation” keep me in a job so we can afford the luxuries of life we’re used to? Ya know… like a hotel room. (Vacation is totally in quotes on purpose, since camping is seriously, no frickin’ vacation!)
Again, this is a pre-mature state of panic I’m experiencing right now. And I appreciate you not laughing at me for it. Insight from parents who live away from the support of their family would be completely welcome. Or suggestions for 9am-5pm, Monday thru Friday jobs would be OK too!
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Roach Baby: Termination

Those of you who have been following this blog since its inception know that I had a benign tumor on my stomach that I lovingly referred to as my “Roach Baby.” Well, after some debate and basically going against the recommendation of the doctor, I decided to have it removed.
The surgery was last Monday morning and I scored the day off work, which turned out to be a wise move. For some reason, I had originally thought that having a 3 inch incision across the center of my gut wouldn’t be all that bad and I could go back to work for a few hours! Puff was sweet enough to take a few hours from his day to take me to the surgery and hold my hand through it all.
I’m not afraid of needles, nor of procedures themselves, but I’m definitely always petrified about how my body will react when it’s all said and done. Back in 2001, I had a biopsy that I powered through… until I passed out in the parking lot and felt queasy and light-headed for hours. Having blood drawn is the same way… it doesn’t worry me until afterwards when I always feel light-headed. I’ve spent several doctor’s visits sitting on the curb in the parking lot trying to soak in cool, fresh air to get back on my feet. And knowing my body has reacted this way before just makes me even more nervous!
This surgery was pretty easy. I made a very honest and stern request to not be given a play-by-play of the action. Just tell me when I’m done. Apparently, I got 3 giant syringes full of numbing medication injected into me (although I barely felt the first prick) and then the actual cutting out of the tumor was very quick. The stitching me back up was super weird though… I was numb but could feel the tugging, which was flat out creepy. I made sure to sit there for awhile, and hold Puff’s hand on the way to the car, just so I wouldn’t have any sudden passing out scenario.
Going into the surgery, Puff had joked that he wanted to keep the Roach Baby so that he could always have a piece of me with him. Kimhead even suggested snapping a picture. Now, I know you come here for good entertainment, but once I saw the tumor, there was no way I would subject you guys to that horror! I had initially thought it would be about the size of a blueberry at best. However, it was probably more the size of a strawberry or a walnut in its shell. Knowing it was much bigger than any of us thought, and was apparently starting to attach or grow muscles (I wasn’t really listening), I’m so super happy I made the decision to get rid of it before it caused any other problems.
The recovery has been a small glimpse into what I suspect it would feel like to have a C-section. And even though vaginal birth scares the crap out of me, somehow, it seems like a much more viable option to me at this point. I’ve been pretty sore, but it’s waning as the days pass. And bending or sitting has been awkward too. You never realize how much you use your mid-section until it’s sliced open!
In the end, it was worth it. Since the tumor was so big, I’ve been congratulating myself for not just giving birth to a Roach Baby, but rather, Roach Baby Twins!

Oh yeah… and if you’d like to personally request a picture of my stitches (or subsequent scar) I’m more than happy to oblige.

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Flash Bulb Friday

Spring is totally here in South Carolina. Heck, it has been for like 2 months already. I swear there were 70 degree days in February and 80 degree days sporadically in mid-March. Yes, that is totally why I love living here.
In celebration of the pear & cherry trees changing (although they did that back in early March) and the dogwoods and azaleas showing off their beautiful colors, I thought I would post a nice flower photo today.
Never mind I took this photo last July. You get the point. Stop judging me.

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The Queen’s Throne

I know I promised no more decorating blogs, but guess what?!?! Our bathroom makeover is done! It happened a lot faster than I expected, which is always a good thing. And boy is it a good thing! The giddy giggles I’ve been making for the past week have probably been giving Puff a headache.
As I’ve mentioned before, I fell in love with The Bungalow very early on. With the exception of the plaid wallpaper in the kitchen and the red paint in the dining room and bathroom. I’ve grown to ignore the red dining room (but plan to paint it in a few years) but that glaringly dark garnet paint in the bathroom just made me crazy. The room is so tiny that it just sucked up all the light and made it a depressing, dingy place to hang out. Oh, and that horrific light fixture! I started the makeover a few months ago with a crisp white shower curtain and new bronze curtain rod & rings. It helped, but it wasn’t enough…
It needed to be updated. Right? So… when we had a realtor come last fall to scope out the house to give suggestions on ways to make the house more appealing, she busted out the term “Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray.” And I was hooked! It was the perfect neutral and a great compliment to what we already had in the house. (Like the gray in our new hallway rug from West Elm and the gray in our pillow shams and lampshade in the master.) Plus it made it feel much more modern!
Once the bath was painted (oh yeah, and that popcorn ceiling was removed) I stood in there every chance I could. Why? Because something was missing. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Ultimately, it clicked to get the new light fixture (which is hung upside down so as not to hit the medicine cabinet) and a pop of color with a new shower curtain… from West Elm, of course. The neutral towels & rug still worked fine. And, as much as I hated to admit it, the Asian inspired artwork didn’t look as terrible with the shower curtain as I had hoped.
What do you think???
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If You’re Tired of the Same Old Story…

5 bonus points to whomever knows what song I’m referencing above!

Anyway… the real point of the story is to just throw out there that there are some changes coming to the site. A new name, revamped look, new logo, and perhaps, a new hosting site, are all in the works. Why? Because it was time to start looking more legit!

I purchased a domain name yesterday and my wheels are spinning on ideas for the new masthead and logo. I’ve already got a kick-butt new slogan that ties in to the new website name. (Unfortunately, anything mildly associated with the current name was already taken, so it’s an entirely new schtick.) And once I have some ideas, I’ve got a team of graphic designers on standby to start cranking out some options for me!

This whole thing might take a few weeks, or even months. I’m not sure yet. But I’ll keep updating until then, don’t worry. And I’ll give you some heads-up on when the change is happening, so you can change the bookmarks and share the new link with all of your friends!

Stay tuned!

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To The Races

Growing up, my grandpa would take me to the race track on a fairly regular basis. We always placed the same bets on the same numbers, no matter the odds of that horse. Every time I think of horse racing, I think of him. Although, in South Carolina, gaming is illegal. So, the annual Carolina Cup is fun for a multitude of different reasons. Case in point… you get to see this:
Amazing, right?
This past Saturday, Puff and I drove to Camden to meet up with some of my college friends for a day at the track. The basic backstory of this entire event, from our prospective, is that it’s an excuse to dress up, sit in a field and drink and eat ourselves silly, and catch up. And maybe, we’ll see a horse. But we might not. We met up early to consolidate all our gear (and food) into the pick-up truck that would make its way to the in-field. I’m pretty sure I ate more that day than I had eaten all week.
But it was totally worth it. It kept my mind off it being so cold! Seriously… who told the weather gods it was OK to have temps in the low 50s that morning? Thankfully we packed sweaters and blankets! The highlight of the day was getting to catch up with everyone and spend more time with the new husbands of the group. We tried on silly hats and stalked frat boys with outrageous plaid pants. We took tons of ridiculous photos and escaped having our tent flying away in the wind. Oh yeah, and we did see some horses!
I’ll give you a gold star if you can guess which one is me! Ha!
Chilly weather aside, there was no better way to spend a Saturday. My friends are awesome. And we don’t do this kind of stuff nearly enough!

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